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The trending weight loss procedure. Fat transfer procedure allows us to move fat from one part of your body to another. Most patients get rid of tummy fat and transfer it to their breast, butt, cheeks or legs. Weight loss has become a problem of the past since cutting edge procedures are available. At Herrwood Medical, we guarantee results!

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At Herrwood Medical we guarantee Results!

About Herrwood Medical

Herrwood Medical Centre specializes in a wide array of premium services. As a pioneer of beauty and weight-loss breakthroughs, from hair transplants to countless other medical services such as Fillers, Skin Peeling, Vitamin Infusions and General Practice.

Herrwood Medical Centre continues to push boundaries in the field of dermatology and cosmetic surgery, and has now become a world-renowned beauty destination.

Our values

Our key values are to be engaged in the best medical methods and practices from all over the world, to delight our patients through an excellent service experience and to be the expert in all our products and services and to have a passionate desire to serve our clients to the best of our abilities.

Treatments in high demand

All treatments are conducted within our medical centre

Price guide

Treatment Procedure time Fee
Fat transfer to butt or breast Half day R25,000
Fatloss injections (incl. 6 months products) 2hrs R12,000
Liposuction Half day R22,000
Full liquid facelift (Upper, lower, middle face, eyes & lips) Half day R25,000
Medical peel & IV drip skin lightening 2hrs R7,000
Skin lightening (incl. 6 months products) Half day R16,000
Intensive acne treatment (incl. 4 months products) Half day R5,000
Oshot / Pshot 2hrs R6,000
Penis enlargement 2hrs R12,000
Hair restoration with PRP Half day From R3,000
Bio Fibre/ own hair transplant Half day From R30,000


  • Hair Restore | Bio Fibre Hair Transplant
  • Skin lightening whitening treatment
  • Skin whitening treatments
  • Balding | Bolding | Stop Hair Loss
  • Acne Scar Removal Treatment
  • Weight loss | Fat Transfer Treatment Africa
  • Skin lightening whitening treatment

Client testimonials

  • Kajal
    I must applaud you on your work. The fat transfer from my tummy to breast has boosted my self esteem to the next level.
  • Cindy
    Thank you for the great work done last month. Can definitely see the results, I have so much hair now.
  • Jenny
    Thank you so much for removing the acne scarring from my face and making me Glow!
  • Cynthia
    I feel like a new born! Thanks doc for the infusion drip, will be back soon

Our packages

package icons 4.1

Fat transfer


[half day session]
Fat transfer to butt or breast
[Pay R5,000 deposit to book]

package icons 2


From R20,000

[half day session]
Butt or Breast enlargement
[Pay R5,000 deposit to book]

package icons 5

Skin lightening


[half day session]
Incl. 6 months products
[Pay R5,000 deposit to book]

package icons 1

Hair transplant

From R30,000

[half day session]
Bio Fibre/ own hair Transplant
[Pay R5,000 deposit to book]

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